Would You Rather

Would you rather be 3 months behind on your credit card payment or be in a fight with, and have not spoken to, your best friends for 3 months?

I think of this because I think the answer says a lot about what kind of a world we live in. It seems money and bills control people’s attitudes and outlooks on life. While everyone knows maintaining good credit is important, is it more important than solid relationships and friendships? Would you sacrifice a friendship for good credit? Or vice-versa?

When you go to bed at night what satisfies you more? A good conversation with your bestie or being up to date on your credit card bills? Obviously both would ideal, but as far as my life goes, that is not actuality. So I put it into this perspective.

I was happy today because I had good hour long conversations with two of my best girl friends; which made me feel satisfied and happy. It made me feel content. Then I remembered how behind I am on bills. Then I thought about and realized I am still a happy, lucky person because of the friendships and all the fond memories I have.  It made me realize that I would rather go to the grave with good relationships and memories rather than good credit.

We will see how I feel on Monday though when those darn 1-800-numbers start calling me again wanting my money! hahaha.


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