BlAh bLaH

And here we are….another day down. But what does that mean? Did I do anything special or out of the ordinary? No; usually don’t. Just sit here….on my couch….smoke way too many cigarettes and watch way too much TV. Not sure why this is so appealing to me! Seriously- when I’m at work, out with friends, camping, bonfires or BBQs, being at home always sounds so much more comforting and relaxing. More peaceful. But why? Maybe because I think I will do something productive….like clean the house, organize something, and hopefully write something of importance. There is always the small possibility I will get caught up on, or at least blow the dust off, my school work- considering I have ignored it the last 5 months. With no self control and will-power online schooling is NOT a good idea. But its just so hard to focus… I have sssoooo much on my mind. Not to mention the project I am supposed to be working on is BORING. I mean seriously, I know Vet Techs use computers, but I don’t want to waste time on a huge paper about different software available to vet clinics . Lets be real… I wont even remember anything about any of those software when I’m done with school in 3 years; not to mention wherever I work I will get trained on how to use the clinic computer and systems! UGH!


 What am I even talking about?


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